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Physiotherapy Works

Musculoskeletal Injuries  •  Clinical Pilates  •  Therapeutic Yoga •  Paediatrics 
Women's Health  •  1:1 Mat & Reformer Pilates  • Hydrotherapy •  Bikefit •  Gait Analysis 


We encourage all our private clients to manage their bookings online via the links above.

If you cannot find a convenient appointment online, please telephone as we can usually accommodate appointment requests.

Why choose Physiotherapy Works

From the moment you book an appointment with us, to the time you have been discharged, we strive to ensure that you feel valued, cared for and listened to. You will receive the most up to date and evidenced based treatment from our Chartered Physiotherapists across all of our venues.


Since 2008, we have built an admirable reputation from our commitment to exceptional physiotherapy, hard-working staff members and fantastic facilities.

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The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) is the professional, educational and trade union body for the UK’s 57,000 catered physiotherapists, physiotherapy students and support workers.


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 Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy 
& Sports Injuries  

Physiotherapy for spinal & peripheral joint conditions, muscles & ligament strains & sprains, post- surgery, Osteoarthritis, sports injuries, headaches and much more.


We use a variety of treatments including Joint mobilisations, massage, myofascial release, trigger point release, acupuncture and exercise prescription.

MSK Physio
Physiotherapy Assessment
  • Assessment for Diagnosis

  • Treatment & Advice

  • Exercise prescription 



45 minutes

Physiotherapy Assessment
Physiotherapy Treatment
  • Manual Therapy

  • Exercise Progression

  • Advice, Reassurance & Encouragement

£58.50 / £78.00


45 / 60 minutes

Physiotherapy Treatment
Home Visits


60 minutes

  • Physiotherapy at home 

  • Manual Therapy

  • Exercise Prescription

a Home Visit

Insurance & Health Cover Policies 

We work with many Health & Insurance companies including BUPA, AXA PPP, AVIVA, Nuffield Health, Simply Health, Sovereign Health & many more. Please contact us via telephone to make a booking with your policy. 

Pilates/ Yoga

 Clinical Pilates & Therapeutic Yoga 

Visit us for Clinical Pilates on a 1:1 Mat or Reformer basis, Studio class in Elland or online! 

Our wonderfully calming, Therapeutic Yoga classes are hosted at our Elland Studio.

Whatever your circumstances, we have a solution to help you commit to regular exercise whether you have an injury or just want to stay fit & well. 


Class Packages 

Single Class (To use in any class): £13.00 
4 x studio classes (one off purchase, valid from date of first use & expires in 28 days): £44.00 
4 x studio classes, unlimited online classes, auto-renewal monthly & cancel anytime: 
£44.00 DD 
Unlimited Online classes, auto-renewal monthly & cancel anytime : 
£24.00 DD  


Clinical Pilates Appointments 

Clinical Pilates Assessment & Tutorial (45min): £58.50 
1:1 Pilates Mat or Reformer (45min): £52.50

Online Class Timetable: 

Elland Pilates Studio Class Timetable: 

Tuesday 9am (Duration: 50min), Thursday 6pm & Friday 8:30am (Duration: 40min)

Wednesday 5:30pm, Thursday 6:50pm & Friday 9:20am (Duration: 50min)

Elland Yoga Studio Class Timetable: 

Monday 12:00am (Duration: 55min)

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BikeFit Runner Review

Paediatrics Physiotherapy 

Are you concerned about your child’s development or physical condition? Our paediatric physiotherapist is specially trained to Identify and treat a variety of conditions affecting young people from 0 to 18 year olds.

At Physiotherapy Works, our specialist Paediatric Physiotherapist, can assess your child and offer a comprehensive therapy plan based upon your child’s condition, goals and needs throughout their development. We offer an initial assessment followed by detailed feedback to parents and carers. We can then work together to formulate an individual, tailor-made treatment plan to meet your child’s rehabilitation needs.

Paediatric Physiotherapy focuses on the development of your child through facilitated play, hands-on techniques and encouragement of normal movement patterns. We use a wide range of treatment approaches and equipment to make learning and rehabilitation a very positive and enjoyable experience.


Conditions we treat at Physiotherapy Works include sports injuries, muscle and joint pain, pre- and post-surgery rehabilitation, hypermobility, neuromuscular disorders, cerebral palsy, and genetic conditions. We also offer a ‘milestone MOT’ to discuss and address any concerns you may have about you child’s functional development.

Paediatric Physiotherapy 
  • Physiotherapy Assessment

  • APACP Registered

  • Fun & Engaging 

  • Clear Diagnosis



60 minutes

Paediatrics Physiotherapy

BikeFit & Runners Reviews 

We take helping our athletes very seriously and we are always keen to ensure your running style or bike set up is as it needs to be to get the most out of your sport and avoid unnecessary pain or injury. From beginners to more experienced runners or cyclists our performance centre will ensure you get best assessment, set up adjustments, recommendations and treatment you necessary. 

Runners Review
  • Physiotherapy Assessment

  • Functional Movement
    & Runners Gait Analysis

  • Clear Diagnosis



60 minutes

Bike Fit Basic
  • Fine tune bike position

  • Reduce risk of pain or injury

  • Home Exercise Plan 



90 minutes

Bike Fit Basic
Bike Fit Advanced
  • Physiotherapy Assessment

  • Fine tune bike position

  • Improve pain and discomfort on the bike



120 minutes

Women's Health Physio

Women's Health Physiotherapy 

Women's Health Physiotherapy 



60 minutes

Women's Health Physiotherapy
  • Women's Health Assessment 

  • Rectus Diastasis examination 

  • Pelvic floor examination 

  • Advice and recommendations 

  • Tailored treatment & exercise plan



Pelvic Floor Follow up

30 minutes

Pelvic Health Assessment (60min):

We can help with bladder and pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic organ prolapse and sexual dysfunction. 

Our Pelvic Health Assessments are designed to:

- Assess the pelvic floor muscles for dysfunction and pelvic organ prolapse

- Assess and treat over active bladder syndrome 

- Design a tailored exercise program for pelvic floor dysfunction

Postnatal MOT Assessment (60min):

Are you suffering from back pain, tummy gap separation, poor abdominal connection, weak pelvic floor or pelvic girdle pain?

Our Post-Natal MOTs are designed to:

- Assess back, pelvic, hip pain or any other musculoskeletal issues

- Check for tummy gap separation

- Assess the pelvic floor muscles for dysfunction and pelvic organ prolapse

- Re-educate ribcage connection and altered breathing patterns

- Design a tailored Clinical Pilates exercise program for the pelvic floor, abdominals, back and any other parts of the body showing weakness, pain, stiffness and de-conditioning

- Begin manual therapy as required from you assessment 

-  Give reassurance, moving and handling advice, improve body confidence & advise on returning to sports.

These assessment are ideal from 6 weeks postpartum to years after childbirth.


Cancer Rehabilitation 

A truly humongous investment in cancer research and drugs to treat the disease worldwide has seen remarkable improvements in survival outcomes.


As survival rates keep climbing (which is a very good thing), so too does the number of people living with persistent and disabling side effects.  For many, these side effects present challenges that seriously compromise returning to a productive life.

At Physiotherapy & Rehab Works, we are passionate about helping cancer patients shift illness to wellness by improving happiness, vitality, energy, positivity & physical functioning during the Cancer process.

Cancer Rehab  Assessment / Treatment 
  • Physiotherapy

  • Assessment 

  • Functional Testing 

  • Treatment & Advice

  • Exercise Prescription 



45 minutes

Cancer Rehab Assessment


Our Hydrotherapy sessions are carried out in a Hydrotherapy centre in Elland very close to our Elland Clinic in the Wellbeing Centre on Briggate.


Hydrotherapy involves carrying out exercises and specific physiotherapy techniques in warm water to help relieve pain, relax and strengthen muscles, increase circulation, and subsequently improve function.


Hydrotherapy also allows adults and children who have limited mobility to maximise their mobility within the water.

30 minutes / 60minutes 


£74.00 / £147.50

  • Physiotherapy Assessment
  • Bespoke Rehab in the water
  • Goal setting 
  • Fun!

All our Hydrotherapy Appointments will be charge in full prior to attending.

Occupational Health Physiotherapy

We have a variety of occupational physiotherapy contracts within many different industries & sectors. We offer national onsite musculoskeletal physiotherapy, referrals to any of our clinics for any of our specialisms, virtual physiotherapy & online rehab classes. 

Whatever your business needs, we have a solution!

Please email with your companies occupational health enquiries. 


I was referred to physio from Employee Healthcare - (Kirklees Council). The treatment I received from the moment I walked through the door has been of excellent quality from the receptionist through to the Physio.


On my assessment they correctly diagnosed my problem. They have a good understanding of the physical works of the nervous system and they were able to explain in layman`s terms my condition and how to improve my quality of movement.


I was made to feel at ease and I have found the overall service to be excellent. I would certainly recommend.

—  Mr. K . Morris

Elland_Clinic_Aerial small.jpg
The Wellbeing Centre, 2 Briggate,
Queensbury Clinic small.jpg
3 High Street, Queensbury,
BD13 2PE
Cleckheaton small.jpg
The Wellbeing Centre, 69 Bradford Road, Cleckheaton
BD19 3PT

01422 748770




  • We have a strict DNA Policy that requires 48 hrs cancellation for all appointments. We have very busy physiotherapy clinics and giving us 48 hrs cancellation notice gives us the opportunity to rebook somebody else in your appointment space.

  • We have a text reminder system that automatically reminds you of your appointment 48hrs before. Please do not reply to the number you receive your texts from. The number to call or text is 01422 748770.

  • All appointments not attended or 48 hrs cancellation notice given, will be charged at the full price of the appointment. This will be required to be paid over the telephone before we can make another appointment for you.


Many thanks for reading and acknowledging this policy - The Physiotherapy Works Team

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