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Whatever level of cycling you do, your position on the bike is key for optimising performance, improving comfort and preventing/recovering from cycling related injuries and pain.

Let us help if you are suffering from any of these symptoms on your bike:

  • Neck ache
  • Back pain
  • Hip/ Knee pain
  • Arm/Shoulder pain
  • Hamstring pain or tightness
  • Calf pain or tightness

Your Bike Fit will be done by a Chartered Physiotherapist who will observe you riding on a turbo trainer and look at the following:

  • Overall posture
  • Contact points: saddle, bars, pedals
  • Weight distribution
  • Joint alignment

The physiotherapist will then make adjustments to fi ne tune your position on your bike to improve comfort, maximise the use of your power producing muscle groups and reduce risk of injury or the pain of any existing injuries. If lack of joint range or muscle weakness is preventing you from achieving the position we are aiming for we can design bespoke exercise programs to help you reach your goals. If necessary we can also refer you for Physiotherapy treatment or to our Clinical Pilates classes.

We offer two types of Bike Fit:

Cost: £90 Basic: For injury free cyclists wishing to improve their comfort and performance on the bike.

Cost: £120 Advanced: For cyclists with ache/pains who require a more detailed assessment. This may include Physiotherapy treatment within the session If interested please contact us to book your Bike Fit